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Netlify set customer headers

On some routes of your squido website, you may need to set certain headers for certain routes/URL's. For instance the /rss URL would need the Content-Type header set to application/xml. Luckily services like Netlify this is easily done. Create a tex

Creating static HTML Swagger API Documentation

Creating beautiful and fast API documentation can be the make or break in getting users on your platform and using your API. Today we are going to run through a full guide on creating a static HTML website to host your Swagger API documentation using

squido themes and starter templates

At squido, we don't want you re-inventing the wheel to create a static website. To combat this, we've created a heap of themes and starter templates which you can edit to get started quicker. Blog A simple blog theme with posts listed as cards across

Popular templating engines

Templating engines are essentially a way to generate HTML. Some of the benefits is the ability to insert variables/data, loop data to create HTML, conditional rendering and other clever rendering rules and formatting. Some template engines look quite

Build a static Blog for free using AWS Amplify in under 10mins

Getting started Things you will need: Git installed. Node.js installed. A text editor, like Visual Studio Code. Open your Terminal and install squido globally: # npm i -g https://github.com/mrvautin/squido.git Speed things up by cloning the exampl

How to build a static HTML blog in 10 minutes with squido

Static websites built using Jamstack architecture offer a way to create a modern website with incredible performance, cheap to host, and easy to maintain. You can see move benefits of Static HTML websites here. Today we will be using squido to build

Why static HTML?

Static websites were the only option in the past. Web Developers would hand code each HTML file of their website. This was a time consuming process causing a lot of re-work and was very error prone. Static website generators have simplified the proce

What the heck is a CDN?

A content delivery network ( CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. By using geographically located servers, content is served with less network hops allowing for

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