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Build a static Blog for free using AWS Amplify in under 10mins

Getting started

Things you will need:

Open your Terminal and install squido globally:

# npm i -g https://github.com/mrvautin/squido.git

Speed things up by cloning the example blog Git repository:

# git clone https://github.com/mrvautin/squido-blog-example my-blog


Enter your new blog directory:

# cd my-blog

Build your blog: Note: The serve command creates a local web server to view your new blog. The -b flag is to build, the -w is to watch for changes and rebuild if needed and the -c flag is to clean old files.

# squido serve -b -w -c

You can now view your blog by opening the following URL in a browser:


You should see:

squido demo

Deploy to AWS Amplify

  1. Sign in to Amplify using your AWS account here
  2. Select Getting started
  3. Select Host your web app by clicking the corresponding Getting started button
  4. You can then select to link a Git provider. We are going full simple and selecting Deploy without Git provider
  5. Enter an App name and set an Environment name like this:

aws amplify code

  1. In the build steps above a Zip was created here: /build/build.zip. We are going to upload the build.zip file to AWS Amplify by clicking Select file and browsing to it and selecting it.
  2. Click Save and deploy
  3. Wait for your website to be deployed. Once complete you can browse to your website by opening the Domain.

aws amplify deployed

  1. You can then setup a custom domain by selecting Domain management from the left menu and following the steps

Thats it! A blog hosted on AWS Amplify for free with such little effort. Enjoy!

For more information on setting up and customising your blog, see the squido documentation.

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